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Dental Disease in Pets: Common Conditions and How to Prevent Them

Keeping your pets healthy involves more than just regular exercise and a balanced diet. Just like humans, pets can also suffer from dental disease, which can lead to various health issues if left untreated. Dental disease is a common problem among pets, affecting their oral health and overall well-being.

Managing Chronic Conditions in Senior Pets: Tips for Long-term Care

As pets grow older, health issues can appear to need attention. Like people, senior pets may develop ongoing conditions that require long-term care. Let us explore practical tips for caring for your aging animal companion.

A Guide to Preventing Accidental Poisoning in Pets

You love your animal companions like family and want them to stay safe and healthy. But sometimes they get curious and eat something they shouldn’t. This can lead to accidental poisoning. Here are some proactive tips to avoid this alarming situation and how to handle it if it happens.

5 Conditions That Acupuncture Can Treat in Animals

If your pet has a chronic medical condition or is experiencing pain, you want to get them the best treatment. Sometimes, conventional medicines fail to provide the desired relief. Many pet parents are turning to alternative options to maintain their pets' quality of life.

Exotic Pet Preventative Care and Emergency Preparedness

Having an ordinary pet is easy, helped by online information about caring for them that you can easily access. But when you have an exotic pet, things are significantly different.

8 Reasons Vaccinations for Pets Are Important

Vaccinations have for years been an emotive topic for pet owners and animal lovers everywhere. There are constant arguments about vaccines that are considered vital or core and those that are optional. Most people realize that vaccinations are essential for protecting the health of pets. Some viruses and diseases can spread between animals, and most can be fatal. 

8 Benefits of Taking Your Exotic Pet to the Vet

Exotic pets are becoming increasingly popular in California and other parts of the country. They offer exciting opportunities and can be fun at home, but caring for them is not easy. They require special knowledge and care.

When Should You Take Your New Pet to the Vet?

Owning a new pet can be exciting and rewarding. You will feel a new sense of responsibility that will last for as long as you have your new furry companion. If you are wondering when to take your new pet to the vet, read below to learn.

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