8 Benefits of Taking Your Exotic Pet to the Vet

Exotic pets are becoming increasingly popular in California and other parts of the country. They offer exciting opportunities and can be fun at home, but caring for them is not easy. They require special knowledge and care.


What Is an Exotic Pet?


These are companion animals other than dogs and cats. Examples include:


  • Birds

  • Reptiles

  • Fish

  • Rabbits

  • Mice

  • Hamsters

  • Ferrets

  • Nonvenomous snakes

  • Gerbils

  • Guinea pigs, and more

Most veterinarians consider any animal that is not a cat or dog an exotic. 


Healthcare for Exotic Pets


It takes lots of training, expertise, and experience to see, handle, and treat exotic pets. Their needs can vary drastically, and meeting them requires extensive research, skill, passion, and interest. Maintaining a preventive healthcare approach can make all the difference to your exotic's long-term wellness and quality of life. 


Benefits of Veterinary Care for Exotics


You should have access to veterinary healthcare in your area, specifically for exotics. Having access to the proper veterinary care is essential for the following reasons:


Pet Care Advice

If you have an exotic, your veterinarian at Westminster Veterinary Group will answer any questions about your pet’s well-being and care requirements. Taking care of your pet will be easier with the guidance and help of a vet.


Handling some types of animals requires specialized care that many veterinary clinics may not provide. Your pet will experience less stress when treated by a trained exotic vet. Less stress means more efficient treatment and better healing. 

Some Species Have Unique Needs

Exotic pets tend to have unique needs requiring healthcare services and products not available in many animal hospitals. You cannot simply order medications or treatment materials. Fortunately, your veterinarian will help you access your pet's medications and treatments. 

Specialty Equipment

An exotic veterinarian will probably have specialty equipment for all treatment procedures, including surgery. Some veterinary clinics may not handle something as simple as a beak trim. That is why you should take your exotic pet to a veterinarian specializing in unusual pets.

Knowledgeable Care

Veterinarians trained to treat exotics know more about the preventative and primary care such animals need. Such pets usually have unique care needs. It would be best if you had a veterinarian who would guide you and answer any questions to ensure your pet is happy and healthy. 

A Happy and Long Life for Your Pet

Exotic pets belong in the wild. However, an exotic pet veterinarian can help ensure your animal companion is living as happy and healthy a life as possible in your care.

Accurate Diagnosis

The best way to treat a health problem is by catching it early before symptoms appear. Unfortunately, exotics are pretty skilled at hiding illness. When you finally discover a problem, it may be at an advanced stage, making it more challenging to treat. However, a veterinarian will know the signs of illness to watch out for in your pet. 

Holistic Veterinary Care

Conventional medicines can help treat exotic pet illnesses but have various side effects. A trained veterinarian will provide relief and treatment for your exotic pet without subjecting them to uncomfortable or difficult side effects.

Are you looking to adopt an exotic or unusual pet? It would help if you understood that exotic pets have the exact needs they would in the wild. Also, they often have more complex needs than the average pet. So, caring for them can be challenging. It is best to do plenty of research before adopting such pets. 

For more on exotic pets, visit Westminster Veterinary Group at our office in Westminster, California. Call (714) 899-1100 to schedule an appointment today.

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