Protecting Your Pet with Vaccinations

pet vaccinations

Westminster Veterinary Group believes that vaccinations are extremely important to the health and longevity of your pet. Vaccinations protect pets from contracting common, potentially lethal animal diseases. As a pet owner, it is part of your responsibility to ensure that your pet receives all the necessary vaccinations.

Our considerate staff will help you determine which vaccinations are appropriate for your particular pet. We will assess your pet’s individual needs according to age, health condition and whether or not the pet spends time outdoors. We will then specifically tailor vaccines for your pet to ensure that they are fully protected.

As soon as you bring a new puppy or kitten into your home, it is extremely important to schedule a visit with your veterinarian to ensure that your pet receives the necessary vaccines. Young pets should begin to receive vaccines when they are eight weeks old. In order to steadily build up their immune system, we will continue to give your puppy or kitten vaccines at regular intervals until your pet is 16 weeks old. Adult pets should then receive regularly scheduled vaccinations in order to sustain their immunity against dangerous animal diseases.

Please contact Westminster Veterinary Group to schedule a vaccination appointment for your pet.

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