Beak Trims

Beak trimming, also known as beak correction or shaping, is a vital procedure for maintaining your bird's beak health and functionality. Birds' beaks grow continuously and may become overgrown or misshapen if not naturally worn down by eating and chewing. Professional beak trimming helps restore the proper shape and length, ensuring your bird can eat, groom, and interact comfortably.

Regular beak trimming offers several benefits, including preventing overgrowth, correcting deformities, and addressing injuries that may cause irregular beak growth. This routine procedure, when performed by our experienced avian veterinarians, ensures safety and minimizes stress for your bird. Proper beak maintenance can prevent health issues and promote overall well-being.

At Westminster Veterinary Group, we provide expert beak trimming services for $50-$61. To schedule an appointment at our Westminster, CA clinic, contact us at 714-899-1100. Ensure your bird's health and comfort with our professional care.

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