Winter Holiday Hazards For Pets

Here are some tips for keeping your pets out of danger during the holiday season. CONTINUE READING…

Exotic Animals at Westminster Animal Hospital

One of the top clinics for treatment of exotic animals in the country

We are one of the few hospitals in the area who can provide care for your exotic pet. This includes boarding in our exclusive Exotics Ward. CONTINUE READING…

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Backyard Chicken

Backyard Chickens!
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Dental Health: How to comfortably brush your pet’s teeth

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(After picture of the same d…

Feline Fundamentals: The Routine Physical Exam

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WVG staff has been nothing but understanding and helpful in handling a dog who makes bad decisions with her teeth. I cannot recommend your services enough.

Rob & Helen McMillin
Westminster Veterinary Group is all about compassion for your pet and the highest quality of veterinary care and treatment for pets. Their standards, exceed by far any other clinic in the North Orange County and Long Beach area.

Nancy A. from Huntington Beach Ca.


Westminster Animal Hospital